The Pandemic Workplace Survey: Impact on Team Culture, Recruitment and Retention

Learn about the pandemic’s impact on team culture, recruitment and retention. Download the Pandemic Workplace Survey graphic showing a woman working from home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every American office worker has been required to adapt to significant changes in communication, work routines and socialization. These unforeseen changes have presented new opportunities related to workplace flexibility. But they have also raised concerns related to nurturing a strong team culture, recruiting and retaining talent, and assessing cultural fit…

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Every College Student Should Take These Impartial Assessments to Learn About Their Innate Strengths

The following is adapted from Ignite Your Career! Many college students have been in this situation: it’s your junior or senior year. You’ve chosen a major but you still have no idea what you want to do with it as a career. Graduation will be here faster than you know it and you have to start…

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