Help us build brands, companies and careers

Find success

Brand marketers, consumer insights professionals and consultative sales people — who have a passion for helping people build their careers and helping companies build their teams — can find genuine success and fulfillment in our business.

Meet our team, and you will see that, by joining O’Connell Group, our recruiters are building on the experience gained from their highly successful careers in marketing and consultative sales.

Professional Standards and Career Development Resources

It is our commitment to provide our team members with all the support and tools needed to be successful executive recruiters. We are passionate about our work and strive to set and live up to the highest standards of professionalism and service to our customers.

As a member of the O’Connell Group, you will benefit from the resources and development opportunities available through our membership and participation in the industry’s leading organizations.

Join Us in Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our clients, candidates, ourselves, and communities by building companies and careers.

Our business is our employees. Functioning as a mutually interdependent team, we trust each other to work professionally and diligently to service our customers, producing the revenue which provides for our families and keeping our customers’ best interests foremost.

If you can see yourself at O’Connell Group in our Fairfield, CT or St. Louis, MO office, please contact us to find out more.