The Pandemic Workplace Survey: Impact on Team Culture, Recruitment and Retention

Learn about the pandemic’s impact on team culture, recruitment and retention. Download the Pandemic Workplace Survey graphic showing a woman working from home

Download the White Paper graphicDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every American office worker has been required to adapt to significant changes in communication, work routines and socialization. These unforeseen changes have presented new opportunities related to workplace flexibility. But they have also raised concerns related to nurturing a strong team culture, recruiting and retaining talent, and assessing cultural fit remotely.

After the pandemic subsides, the challenge will remain: Even if people can do their work from home productively, can they build their careers strategically? Can companies build high-performing teams and cultures?

In the Pandemic Workplace Survey, you will learn what over 100 leaders in the consumer marketing and insights industry told us about the impact of remote work their teams’ ability to build critical relationships and camaraderie.

As one respondent said:

“We’ve been incredibly focused and productive. That said, I’m now starting to see the cracks…As we lay the groundwork for 2021, I’m seeing gaps, and communication challenges that I fear will manifest themselves moving forward.”

Let us know what you are experiencing and areas of interest to explore further.

And, contact us to talk about navigating the challenges and opportunities ahead as you recruit, retain and build team culture in the new work-from-home reality.

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