10 Key Differences between Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile


Both your resume and LinkedIn profile are powerful tools to help you on your career journey. But, are you wondering if there should be differences between your resume and LinkedIn profile?

The answer is YES!

While both must be equally professional, effective and accurate in showcasing your experience, skills and accomplishments, they serve different objectives. Your resume advances your candidacy, while LinkedIn enhances your candidacy.

Here are 10 reasons why and how they should be different.

Your Resume:

  1. Advances your candidacy
  2. Objective scorekeeper of your accomplishments
  3. Shared confidentially
  4. Concise history
  5. A snapshot in time
  6. Should not include your photo
  7. Tailored to a specific opportunity
  8. Relevant to the interview team
  9. Crisp tone: Phrases start with action words
  10. References are consulted independently

Your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Enhances your candidacy
  2. Subjective storyteller of your accomplishments
  3. Shared publicly
  4. Multi-dimensional portfolio
  5. Frequently updated
  6. Includes your photo
  7. Expansive to cover many opportunities
  8. General appeal to many connections
  9. Informal tone: “I” and “we” are ok
  10. Recommendations are showcased

If you keep these important differences between your resume and LinkedIn profile in mind, they both will work harder for you!

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