2023 – A year to Reimagine Recruitment

Programmers working cooperating at IT company developing apps

Attracting the best of the talent pool requires organizations to reimagine their talent development policies and practices.

Today’s workforce represents a new generation of professionals who have spent their entire lives building relationships through technology. They have very different expectations about how, where, when and why work intersects with their lives. They have the power to reimagine and reshape their careers to align with what they want to accomplish personally and professionally in a flexible work environment.

Likewise, 2023 requires hiring managers to reimagine their talent development policies and practices. What has the pandemic “hangover” taught us?

Our surveys provide dozens of data points, key takeaways and a checklist of best practices to help leaders adapt their people management skills and be intentional in their team development practices. The survey insights will help you better understand the talent environment and create a plan to be more adaptive and effective in how you recruit and retain your team.

Survey of employees:  Pandemic Workplace Survey: Impact on Career Decisions

Survey of hiring managers: Pandemic Workplace Survey: Impact on Team Culture, Recruitment and Retention

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