Recruiting Quality Talent Contributes to Your Bottom Line

Based on decades of experience and deep industry knowledge as brand marketing and consumer insights recruiters, O’Connell Group shares best practices and useful insights to help you build your team. Thomas Jefferson’s stirring words in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed… Read more »

Consumer Insights and Analytics Trends of 2015 Will Shape Your 2016 Talent Needs

As the new year begins, the market research industry will be challenged to push the envelope to continue delivering value and having a measurable business impact. “Big data” may be a debated term, but the concept it represents is a reality. Business leaders are emphasizing skill sets that translate data from many sources into cogent… Read more »

Five Marketing Recruitment Resolutions for 2016

Recruiting activity in 2016 will surely reflect the outcomes from the CPG industry’s robust appetite for mergers, acquisitions and relocation activity within the last year. Continued consolidation in the CPG industry, especially food, should increase the supply of candidates looking for a new opportunity. Yet, what would seem to be a bountiful candidate supply, in… Read more »

Look Before You Label: How the “Overqualified” Market Research Candidate Could Be Right for You

Traditional wisdom has dictated that hiring managers should avoid recruiting overqualified candidates. The perception is that they may cause morale issues, they’re expensive, and they will jump ship at the first suitable opportunity that presents itself. But smart hiring decisions today are based on keen evaluation of skills and deep understanding of motivations – not labels…. Read more »

Holidays: Prime Time for Both Hiring and Hunting for Marketing and Market Research Jobs

No one likes stormy weather during the holidays.  But, the last months of the year create a positive “perfect storm” for job seekers looking for marketing career opportunities — as well as employers seeking to fill jobs in consumer marketing and market research. In 2016, demand will remain high for professionals with valuable marketing skills… Read more »

Position Highlight: Manager of Advanced Analytics

In 2013, the fast-growing advanced analytics segment of the business intelligence field surpassed the $1 billion mark.  That momentum continues. Fueled by the need to make advanced analytics accessible to more users and broaden business insight, advanced analytics professionals are in demand by companies in virtually every industry. Average salaries for advanced analytics managers are… Read more »

Consumer Insights and Analytics: To Generalize or Specialize – That is the Question!

Dixon Smith and Virginia Roher recently represented O’Connell Group’s consumer insights and analytics recruitment team at The Market Research Event. They share their observations based on conversations at this leading market research industry conference.   Attending The Market Research Event (TMRE) once again provided us with the opportunity to step away from the recruiting desk… Read more »

Position Highlight: Global Marketing Director

The role of Global Marketing Director has existed for a long time within the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.   However, as more and more consumer goods companies look to expand their footprint and increase sales around the world, the number of these roles has increased dramatically.  Compared to 10 years ago, the number of global roles… Read more »

Skipping Reference Checks: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Checking references once you’ve found the candidate of your choice may seem like a mere formality, but it can save you from a costly hiring mistake. Think of it as wearing a life jacket when you go sailing or a seat belt while driving: The one time you need it proves to be a lifesaver…. Read more »