Position Highlight: Manager of Advanced Analytics

In 2013, the fast-growing advanced analytics segment of the business intelligence field surpassed the $1 billion mark.  That momentum continues. Fueled by the need to make advanced analytics accessible to more users and broaden business insight, advanced analytics professionals are in demand by companies in virtually every industry. Average salaries for advanced analytics managers are… Read more »

Consumer Insights and Analytics: To Generalize or Specialize – That is the Question!

Dixon Smith and Virginia Roher recently represented O’Connell Group’s consumer insights and analytics recruitment team at The Market Research Event. They share their observations based on conversations at this leading market research industry conference.   Attending The Market Research Event (TMRE) once again provided us with the opportunity to step away from the recruiting desk… Read more »

Position Highlight: Global Marketing Director

The role of Global Marketing Director has existed for a long time within the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.   However, as more and more consumer goods companies look to expand their footprint and increase sales around the world, the number of these roles has increased dramatically.  Compared to 10 years ago, the number of global roles… Read more »

Skipping Reference Checks: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Checking references once you’ve found the candidate of your choice may seem like a mere formality, but it can save you from a costly hiring mistake. Think of it as wearing a life jacket when you go sailing or a seat belt while driving: The one time you need it proves to be a lifesaver…. Read more »

Job Search Strategy: How Does a Marketing Recruiter Add Value?

Today’s job market is more competitive – and prospective employers more selective – than ever before. Like many candidates, you may be well-networked professionally and connected technologically to online recruiting sites that give you access to thousands of jobs. But, as you build your job search strategy, these tools may not be enough to successfully… Read more »

4 Ways to Attract Millennial Market Research Candidates

It’s official: By the end of this year, millennials will be the largest generation in the global workforce. Born between approximately 1980 and 1997, members of this population segment tend to be highly adaptable, entrepreneurial, team oriented and creative. Sixty-eight percent of millennials have high-demand skills that prior generations lacked. At the same time, 53… Read more »

3 Advanced Skills All Superstar Brand Managers Should Have

Brand managers are business leaders responsible for growing top-line revenue and bottom-line profit for one or multiple brands.  Among their many duties, they are tasked with building and maintaining a strong online and traditional media presence that presents an industry-leading image to all your stakeholders and constituents. Which qualities should you seek as you complete… Read more »

Position Highlight: Shopper Insights Manager

Nationwide, the current average salary for shopper insight managers is $97,000 a year. This is 69 percent higher than the national average for all jobs posted, and the salary potential can range into the low-to-mid six figures. To cite a few examples, as noted by Glassdoor, Clorox has posted a shopper insights manager position at… Read more »

How to Avoid Rejection: Get the Best to Say “Yes” to Your Offer

Have you ever had to sweat it out, waiting to hear whether your superstar candidate would accept your job offer? Chances are you have – and it’s not one of the high points of being a hiring manager. The fact is: If you’re ambitious enough to attract the best talent, then at least two-in-five candidates… Read more »

How Marketing Professionals Prepare for Salary Negotiations

Many marketing professionals and executives stumble when it comes to negotiating their salaries, pay raises, or promotions. No matter how well they understand the law of supply and demand, some don’t understand the best way to reach an agreement. Others simply feel awkward advocating for themselves or broaching the uncomfortable topic of money. Use the… Read more »