Holidays: Prime Time for Both Hiring and Hunting for Marketing and Market Research Jobs

No one likes stormy weather during the holidays.  But, the last months of the year create a positive “perfect storm” for job seekers looking for marketing career opportunities — as well as employers seeking to fill jobs in consumer marketing and market research.

In 2016, demand will remain high for professionals with valuable marketing skills at any level along the organizational ladder.  LinkedIn’s list of the “hottest skills that get potential applicants hired” features many of the overarching skill sets desired by consumer-driven and consumer-facing companies.

Managers seeking to hire marketing professionals are looking for broad knowledge of branding, campaign management, channel marketing, SEO and content creation.  Market research and consumer insights skills in top demand include advanced analytics and data mining, business intelligence, shopper insights, and expertise in leveraging mobile and big data.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, there are at least five reasons why holiday time is the right time to get ahead of 2016 market competition and discover the right match.

1. Budget Confluence

Unfilled 2015 jobs and new jobs budgeted for 2016 together create a confluence of opportunities hiring managers and recruiters will be working on. Many human resource departments will anticipate some level of turnover after year-end bonus pay-outs and will be interviewing ahead of resignations.

2. Year-End Performance Reviews

Year-end reviews help hiring managers gain insight into the skill or experience gaps they may want to fill with a new hire. At the same time, the review is a natural opportunity for job seekers to refresh their resumes and add important accomplishments and results they have produced in their current role.

3. Schedule Flexibility

When work travel lightens during December, hiring managers have more availability to schedule interviews with job seekers who can preserve the confidentiality of their job hunt by using their remaining vacation days or office holidays to interview.

4. Reflecting on Your Future

The approaching new year is also a good time to step back and reflect more broadly on your career goals and aspirations. Whether you are building a team to lead your organization forward or considering the next steps for your own career, take advantage of the advice, objectivity, industry connections and other resources that an experienced recruiter can offer.

5. Networking through Family and Friends

Any time that extended friends, family and former classmates gather, valuable professional connections can be made. Career and work topics are typically a “safe haven” for holiday conversation.  So, job seekers and hiring managers can leverage these social encounters to identify a career opportunity or potential new hire.

When spirits are bright and the outlook for the new year is generally optimistic, it’s worthwhile to start “shopping” for the right job or excellent new hire during the holiday season. Do you have a great tip or piece of advice about recruiting or job hunting during the holidays?  Contact us to share your insights or if you need additional perspective to shape your hiring or job search strategies.