Here’s to Hiring Great People in 2017

how to make better hires netflix cpg executive recruiting

If “making better hires” tops your list of resolutionsfor 2017, the philosophy of hiring great people attributed to Netflix will resonate with you: “the true enabler of their high trust culture, is the fact that they do better hiring.”

That is often easier said than done in the highly competive CPG industry. But it does underscore the value that an experienced executive recruiter brings to teambuilding. By helping clients “hire well” every day – over many years – we have developed the process, network and instincts for identifying high-performers.

Getting it Right the First Time

For a manager who only hires a handful of key people a year – and has to get it right the first time – making that great hire can be challenging. But accomplishing it is priceless.

Do you have your first great hires of 2017 in the pipeline? The experienced executive recruiters at O’Connell Group can help you assess the talent landscape in CPG and other consumer-driven industries.

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