CPG Marketing and Research Candidates Can Effectively Cross the “Generational Divide”

Generation X, Y and Millenials gathered around signs to illustrate networks or audiences of young people in a demographic market or customer baseCPG companies that market to consumers in every age demographic must effectively balance and blend their teams’ skills and experience. That’s good news for talented and agile professionals – whether you are a Millennial, Gen-Xer or Boomer.

Your success in competing for a consumer packaged goods marketing or market research job depends more on your approach than on the date on your driver’s license. Use these tips to stand out in the current job marketplace – regardless of your generational label.

Experience counts.

Draw on your career experience to gain a competitive edge in today’s job market.

  • Baby boomers bring valuable knowledge and insight to a workplace. According to a survey by the The Hartford 96 percent of millennials concur with the idea that experience translates to value. You can learn to tweet. Living through the evolution of brands and changes in the overall CPG industry has tremendous value. If you are relatively new to the industry, play up your resilience and experience in change management.

Your network is valuable.

Competition is fierce and the CPG industry is continuing to consolidate. Your ability to informally glean market intelligence based on your industry network is compelling.

  • Stay on the radar with your colleagues. Attend industry events and meetings. Stay active in your professional organization. Contribute to LinkedIn groups and conversations. Continue to connect with new people, both online and offline.

You are relevant.

Boomers and GenX represent he highest spending demographic segment. The ability to relate to these target audiences on an emotional and cultural level is a differentiator that only years can bestow. But, don’t preach.

  • Make your war stories relevant. A deep well of past experience can accelerate decision making and confidence in taking action, in particular when a consumer product or brand reputation crisis occurs. But to make you even more effective today, describe how you would use the latest technology in your field such as big data, market intelligence, CRM and social media tools.

Reverse mentoring is effective.

Cultivate relationships with colleagues who are both older and younger than you, and make them mutually beneficial.

  • Keep an open mind. See how millennials view the world. Listen to Boomers for nuggets from the past that apply universally. Reciprocal mentoring can be beneficial and dynamic.

Recruiters provide an edge.

In the course of your career, you may make only a few key job transitions. A trusted recruiter has their finger on the pulse of CPG job opportunities, hiring trends and established networks. They can guide you on your ongoing career journey.

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