Leverage Three Consumer Marketing Trends for Recruiting in 2016

cpg recruiter consumer marketing trends for recruiting 2016The consumer packaged goods (CPG) recruitment environment in 2016 has reached a new pinnacle of speed and competitiveness. Most of the top candidates are quickly gone from the market within 10 days or less. For hiring managers in consumer-facing companies who are seeking talented professionals, the bar is high. But, you can leverage key consumer marketing trends for recruiting top candidates, before others do!

Why use consumer marketing trends for recruiting?

In a profession focused on consumer marketing and engagement, it’s especially critical to crafting an industry-leading brand as an employer. It’s an optimal time to expand your pool — and land the most in-demand candidates — by ensuring that your recruitment plan and partners are leveraging consumer marketing trends to the fullest.

Make mobile platforms a priority.

We are in an era where people rely on their mobile devices nearly twenty-four hours a day, placing mobile-enabled content among the top consumer marketing trends for recruiting. Recent surveys show that 91 percent of adults keep their smart phones close to them at all times, usually within arm’s reach. The majority of 25-34-year-olds and 19-24-year-olds are now smartphone owners.

  • Make mobile platforms a primary candidate communication tool. Use this tactic to build your employer brand and market job offers to specific applicant communities. You can also use mobile for interviews and skills assessments.
  • Maximize your SEO standings. A solid 86 percent of active candidates use smartphones to begin their job search and 70 percent prefer to apply via mobile. More than 50 percent want to upload their resumes to your career site.

Incorporate video.

You can effectively use video in every aspect of recruiting, from job descriptions and postings to employee profiles and employer branding.

Leverage the “boomerang” advantage.

Most consumer marketers know the value of re-engaging previous customers. It is also one of the most effective consumer marketing trends for recruiting that can be translated into your hiring strategy. The boomerang rehiring of former employees has emerged as a highly fruitful source of quality recruitment. Experts predict that boomerangs will soon reach 15 percent of all hires at major organizations.

The cost of rehiring an employee can be one-third to two-thirds the cost of bringing someone new.

  • Boomerangs already know your company and its culture. They can contribute at a higher level faster than hires who are brand new to your business. In their absence, they may have learned new skills, made new contacts and achieved successes that can enhance your future.
  • Look for top performers who left voluntarily, those who held key positions with demonstrated abilities and strong contacts, retirees who want to jump back into the fray, and promising interns.

Develop trusted resources.

A candidate’s first point of contact with your opportunity is likely through a recruiter. To craft a successful and long-term hiring process, it’s critical to partner with search consultants who are respected in the industry and have a track record for identifying “A” candidates who have the CPG insights and marketing skills and who will fit your culture.

The experienced search consultants at O’Connell Group can partner with you to optimize your 2016 talent acquisition and management processes. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.