Recruiting Partnership Built on Trust and Results

Entrepreneurial health and wellness company case study showing colleagues discussing products


A fast-growing entrepreneurial company competing in the highly competitive health and wellness industry landscape needed the right leadership and talent throughout their ranks to map their future and take their business to the next level. At a critical stage in their organization’s development, they were looking for people with more than strong resumes. They needed talented marketers with optimism, drive, willingness to wear multiple hats and the ability to share the vision.


Based on a trusted relationship built over the course of years in the industry, the Chief Marketing Officer turned to O’Connell Group’s intuitive and strategy-oriented recruiter for their Vice President of Marketing search. The recruiter conducted a comprehensive site visit and invested the time required to fully understand the organization’s vision and culture. Likewise, the client fully engaged as a partner, which supported the recruiter’s objective to accurately align the search strategy with the client’s values and goals.


By acting as an extension of the client’s organization throughout every phase of the search, and maintaining a persistent focus on cultural fit, the search successfully filled with their top candidate. Nearly a dozen engagements have followed, with O’Connell Group filling additional positions from the Marketing Assistant to Vice President level. These marketers continue with the client company, where they are thriving and advancing their careers as well as the company’s growth.

Together O’Connell Group and their client built a team with the horsepower and capacity to not only achieve immediate goals, but drive success into the future.