Job Search Strategy: How Does a Marketing Recruiter Add Value?

Today’s job market is more competitive – and prospective employers more selective – than ever before. Like many candidates, you may be well-networked professionally and connected technologically to online recruiting sites that give you access to thousands of jobs. But, as you build your job search strategy, these tools may not be enough to successfully navigate the search for that perfect marketing position.

A niche recruiter who specializes in the marketing industry can add value to your efforts and improve the likelihood of success. They offer a wealth of insight, resources, contacts, experience and objectivity that you simply cannot find elsewhere.

By working with a marketing recruiter:

You’ll be in a smaller, more select candidate pool.

If you match the job qualifications that a recruiter is looking for, you are automatically placed in a small, select pool of candidates. This greatly increases your chances of being interviewed, as opposed to being a faceless resume among hundreds of others.

  • Recruiters are involved in a majority of senior-level job changes. They personally know marketing HR and hiring managers, as well as higher-level decision makers.

It will be a smart investment of your time.

Working with a marketing recruiter, you will be investing your time, but not your money, to build a relationship that can prove its value at key points in your career.

  • Your recruiter’s number-one goal is to ensure a good fit between the hiring company and the candidate. It’s how they make their living, and it’s all they do. The best recruiters work tirelessly to prepare you, and coach you through every aspect of the hiring and interview process.
  • Advantages include strategic career guidance. Your recruiter offers a unique perspective on the value of potential moves, current market intelligence, along with resume analysis, interviewing and negotiation guidance, and industry tips based on years of experience and a broad range of contacts.

You’ll benefit from your recruiter’s industry expertise.

Because they specialize in recruiting for jobs within the specialized marketing industry niche,, your recruiter will promote your strengths and assets, and connect the dots between your work experience and the open position.

  • Job seekers who use niche recruiters have the inside scoop on companies, as well as the skills and intangibles that a hiring manager is seeking. Your recruiter likely has worked with the hiring employer before, so they have a firm idea of the topics and questions that will arise in your interview.
  • Benefit from access to unadvertised jobs. An increasing number of companies prefer to keep their most prized job openings out of the public eye. Instead, they work through recruiters. It’s that simple: You can’t throw your hat in the ring for a great marketing job unless you know about it.
  • Recruiters have the inside track on how much you could and should be earning. Industry salary surveys are mostly backward-looking, but recruiters are continuously working to place great candidates. They see salary trends as they are developing based on supply and demand for specific skill sets in the rapidly changing marketing sector.

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