Natural Products are Transforming CPG. Are you Transforming your Team?

Natural products represent the wave of the future for the consumer packaged goods industry, as companies of all sizes strive to leverage Millennial trends, growing environmental awareness, improving health and wellness education and greater demand for transparency. Transformation in Full Force At Natural Products Expo West this year, the energy level was off the charts,… Read more »

For Your CPG Job Search, Location is More than a Place on the Map

Merriam-Webster defines “location” as “a particular place or position.” But if that were a complete definition, your CPG job search would only require a job board with a Google Maps app. The fact is: location is a many-layered thing! As you deploy your job search strategy in the consumer packaged goods industry, consider the criteria… Read more »

Here’s to Hiring Great People in 2017

If “making better hires” tops your list of resolutionsfor 2017, the philosophy of hiring great people attributed to Netflix will resonate with you: “the true enabler of their high trust culture, is the fact that they do better hiring.” That is often easier said than done in the highly competive CPG industry. But it does… Read more »

Election Year Hiring Slump? Not for CPG Executives

In an election year, the word goes out: hiring is in a slump. But for consumer packaged goods companies seeking top marketing and market research talent, the election year hiring slump appears to be a myth. And, a dangerous one, at that! True, reports about election year paralysis make headlines. Bloomberg News cited the Duke… Read more »

10 Key Differences between Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Both your resume and LinkedIn profile are powerful tools to help you on your career journey. But, are you wondering if there should be differences between your resume and LinkedIn profile? The answer is YES! While both must be equally professional, effective and accurate in showcasing your experience, skills and accomplishments, they serve different objectives…. Read more »

Time for a Job Change? Look – at the CPG Market – Before Leaping

You may feel that a job change is be imminent and necessary. But, how do you know the right time for a job change and how to best manage your job transition? Look before you leap. Know the triggers that are driving the job change, and determine whether your skills are relevant enough to command the… Read more »

Five Simple Rules for Interviewing

Interview preparation is perhaps the single most powerful investment you can make to ensure you achieve your number one objective: “to get an offer” by presenting yourself as the best person for the company and the role. Your interview will go better if you follow five simple rules for interviewing. CPG companies and other consumer-driven… Read more »

Degrees of Success: Will Help with Student Loans Differentiate Your Opportunity?

  There appears to be no end in sight to the rising level of debt Americans incur from a four-year degree, let alone the cost of earning an MBA from top business schools. But, that challenge may present an opportunity to hire the front-running candidate for your marketing or market research job. Business schools have… Read more »

Looking for the Best Possible CPG Candidate? Meet Your Marketplace

More U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs than at any time since 2005. According to the recent survey by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 88 percent of employees said they were satisfied overall with their job. With low unemployment and high job satisfaction, the recruiter’s challenge to find the best CPG candidate should… Read more »

Interview Preparation: Take the Time, Do It Right

You’ve achieved a significant milestone on your path to your dream job: the interview. Mixed with elation is that nagging fear that “one rocky interview” can cost you an offer you really want. What to do? In word: Prepare Train Your Brain on STAR Plus The STAR Plus interview format offers a framework for your interview… Read more »